Venting … tough week

Perhaps if I blurt it all out here I’ll get some perspective. At least I’ll have let it all go … this is a big week for me. Yes others have weeks like this all the time, plenty in the world would love to trade places in a heartbeat. Still, it feels slightly overwhelming …

My cousin’s ex-husband (or technically ex-partner I suppose) died rather unexpectedly a few days ago. Tomorrow I’ll be taking the family to the funeral. The kid will have a day off school and get to see their cousins again, which will make them happy. Though I didn’t know him very well, he was roughly of my generation – and that is shaking me up a little more than I’d like to admit, I’ll wager.

Tomorrow is the start of Wireless World – a convention / expo here in Sydney. I was supposed to be manning a stand there, but will be busy. See above. The stand is for the Free Australia Wireless group which I seem to have accidentally started with a small group of amazing people. Fortunately I will be on the stand on Thursday.

I’ve not been able to do much in the organisation of the group and the expo, to my dismay. There’s still plenty to do – I’m sure it will be a great show and the opportunity we have been given is truly enormous. The organisers have donated us a stand!

Next up is our Scout group. I’ve been working on a new website, since the last one I pitched was overly complex and didn’t take off. That’s running behind schedule. On Thursday night we have the AGM at which I’m supposed to present a summary of our section’s activities over the past year. Fortunately the Cub leaders who have been  holding our hands until we take over the Joey’s formally have been keeping notes and have sketched out what I need to say. Then off the record, as it were, I’m to speak to the principal parties about the website to build consensus about what I’m trying to do (which is run WordPress as a CMS backend and have *them* keep their own bits up to date!)

Stressed because I’m not seeing when I’ll have time to be ready for that.
Or the Easter Show for that matter. A Sydney institution, this is the annual agricultural show bringing the country to the city. Of course for the kids it is all about showbags, toys, rides and hotdogs. When the show costs nearly $90 to walk in the front gate and showbags are going for up to $25 I’m just not feeling very provider-y (i.e. haven’t got the cash to say what the heck.) Sigh.

After Thursday, there’s another day’s work (need all I can get now with time off for the unpaid projects!!)  Then we have BarCamp Sydney on the weekend! I really wanted to help unorganise there, but I need to start saying no to myself, and learn to not feel guilty about it.

Doesn’t seem like much when I write it out and perhaps that’s me getting some perspective already … nonetheless it has felt like an overpowering, impending unstoppable juggernaut rolling ever closer. I just had to get this out there.

See you next week.

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