Mind Hacks, Mark Pesce and Maniacal Laughter

What do they have in common? Well they’re all a part of blog post over at the After Laughter blog, a new experimental project I am involved with.

Laugh and the world laughs with you

[…] Perhaps most importantly, however, laughter builds rapport among strangers […]

This post is a combined effort between myself and the Frazzled Mum, it is about the link between humour and laughter. As it turns out, the Mind Hacks blog noticed the link is not a one-to-one relationship, rather instead laughter has other uses than simply a reaction to humour. It is a social lubricant – and that’s where Mark Pesce comes in 🙂

So please drop on over to After Laughter, have a read and perhaps even subscribe to our newsletter for access to an mp3 of real laughter. The experiment continues.

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