Today’s Tweets

  • 04:26 listening to the dawn service on the radio as i wake the family for our big morning ahead. #
  • 05:17 phew – we made the train and are on our way into the city to meet our joey scout mob and collect for Legacy #
  • 07:14 in position with the scouts on the george st ramps giving out the rosemary #
  • 10:08 operation rosemary complete for us – the kids did a superb job fundraising for Legacy. now trying for a spot in the march. #
  • 11:01 no marching spot for us, the kids are leaving with their parents now. so ends our ANZAC day in the city. #
  • 17:46 listening to the melodic sounds of babies at winge-o-clock. #
  • 19:29 frakkity frakkin rar archives. stoopid for video. meh. #
  • 19:59 @NickHodge stoopid pantz #
  • 20:21 Mr 10 has just requested we watch the latest Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy movie again. Most excellent taste he has 🙂 #
  • 20:36 Oh! Happy Day! My first order has shipped from – now awaiting rare earth magnets to arrive in my mailbox. It’s wood, FTW #

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