Arduino – Dirty little secret of web hackers?

After seeing a great presentation at BarCampSydney on the Arduino by one of the guys from Little Bird Electronics, my attention was certainly captured.

Ardent about Arduino – LachStock

I’ve uncovered a deep dark secret individually guarded by many of the geeks in our local community. […] Physical computing is not a sin. […]

Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform. You can buy them, build them, and modify them. You can hack on the code or the hardware designs and share your changes with the community. […]

Not knowing a lot about it, I can’t tell you why Arduino has captured the imagination of the community than I see more than the other similar products, but all I hear is Arduino. And the story was same this morning. After my next tweet mentioned Arduino, the local fans came out of the woodwork in a flurry of tweets. […]

Now there is a Sydney workshop coming up soon – and if you enter the code LACHSTOCK you can save $20 when buying your ticket!

I just hope that somehow Arduino can be brought together with FPGAs, now that could start to get really interesting!

2 Responses to Arduino – Dirty little secret of web hackers?

  1. big says:

    So are you going? Michael Cahill and I booked in this week…


  2. Matthew says:

    Not going this time 😦

    P.S. Great to hear from you Big!

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