The Evil Cult of the Internet Start-up

I’ve seen this thinking up close a couple of times. It is serious. It must be producing very un-balanced people. It could be one of the major problems of the ‘West’ today.

In one business where I was (very briefly) the IT Mgr, the CEO described business as a “kill or be killed” environment. Luckily I didn’t have to leave, they shafted me and the agency I was placed from at the end of the trial period.

The following is a must-read essay that is going to be a very challenging read if you describe yourself as a ‘workaholic’ …

Stilgherrian · Jason Calacanis and the Evil Cult of the Internet Start-up

I strongly believe this to be a dangerous, toxic, anti-human attitude and it’s infecting others. It must be fought vigorously and with passion.

Calacanis and his defenders reckon that workaholic exploitation is the only way to “change the world”. It’s not.

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