Today’s Tweets

  • 09:03 have an emergency quadra 605 support call! #
  • 09:25 @ssharwood Go Mr 6!! Edumacation week is always full of fun performances 🙂 We had one in choir and one in a dance spectacular this year… #
  • 10:55 need to excavate in the garage for ancient mac gear to fix a client’s quadra – classic macs FTW! #
  • 11:12 @LisaMaree What a great idea! Queuing up Dr Feelgood now – what a glossy album that is, heavily produced and great fun. I saw this tour live #
  • 11:38 @LisaMaree It was a brilliant show, imagine a chock full Sydney Entertainment Centre with fists pumping to Shout at the Devil 🙂 Good times #
  • 12:41 – gear for old mac support #
  • 12:43 – why yes, that is a USS Nostromo cap – and before you ask, it is part of the support kit. #
  • 14:52 looks like a bad case of a stuck hard drive – 1993 quantum pro drive 😦 hoping to coax it on then backup the files! #
  • 17:21 luckily i had an old scsi drive i could drop in as a replacement. problem solved. maybe they’ll start backing up again #

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