AWE: Turbulance (sic) – a great show

The Inner West Weekly | Inner West Local News

FIVE bouts of intense wrestling action featuring 12 wrestlers is set to shake the foundations of Club Five Dock on Sunday, June 29, at 2pm.

Wrestlers from as far away as Canberra and Newcastle will compete with wrestlers from Sydney in the Turbulence competition.

On the line will be the Australian Championship Australian Wrestling Entertainment title.

Campbelltown’s Big Bad Nick will be taking on Five Dock’s Psykotic Maniac who is hoping for a barrage of hometown support to help him hang on to the title.

Well we went along to this show, as a wrestling fan I had to go see a show that was (roughly) in our local area. Support of the local scene is very important, IMHO. The kiddies loved it, especially when they went autograph hunting after the show and scored five or six autographs each. Many thanks to the wrestlers for taking the time to do that.

You will have read some tweets from earlier (yesterday I guess by now 🙂 of how the show went, including a few pictures. The view from the second row on the side was fantastic!

Probably my personal highlight of the show was the little Italian grandmother who sat in front of us, looking after two small boys in WWE tshirts. She must have been the biggest mark in the room – I’m not sure she got the memo about wrestling not quite being as real as it looks (not that I’d even want to detract from the work of these guys, if anything it is more impressive when you know that they’re not hurting each other!) Almost every move was accompanied by a cringe, shriek or flinch. Priceless.

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