Today’s Tweets

  • 13:10 Completed registration of my car for another year. This time I only had to deal with one human, the mechanic. All other steps online, yay!!! #
  • 13:28 Now off to watch some local wrestling with the kiddies – Yay! Boo! etc.. #
  • 14:05 We entered only 5 minutes before showtime so could only get 3rd row seats 🙂 Hope to snap a couple of up close wrestling pics for you all. #
  • 14:17 Alright! Jumped into the second row since the peeps didn’t claim their reserved seats. Greg Stekker first in the ring… #AWE #
  • 14:24 – Stekker leg drop #AWE #
  • 14:32 Well that was a great curtain jerker – Stekker over the Lebanese Tiger with a piledriver #AWE #
  • 15:49 – Big Bad Nick slamming Psycho’s knee #AWE #
  • 16:23 Show’s over – Big Bad Nick picked up the strap in the main event over local boy Psycho. Great match. #AWE #
  • 19:15 Aussie peeps : remember that Doctor Who starts back tonight at 7:30 on Aunty, if you haven’t seen it yet, tune in to see our Kylie 😉 #
  • 19:27 @rosshill so what about are you so hot for? How does it do a better job than other tools? #
  • 00:05 Certainly not watching Top Secret (been too long) on telly while reading Macintouch’s reader reports about Drobo : #

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