Today’s Tweets

  • 05:40 Awake. WTF? Mr 11 sets off on school excursion to Canberra for rest of week – must be at school by 6am! Nice shiny new iPod nanos out but.. #
  • 07:41 @Mediamum there’s a great twitter limerick in there, I just know it. Just not sure how to rhyme capitalism and school … #
  • 07:42 @benbarren when nike+ does cycling I’ll be interested … any solutions out there along those lines? #
  • 07:46 @SilkCharm Never heard of him, but I’ll volunteer to go in undercover and work there for a bit 🙂 #
  • 07:54 @benbarren remember to add GST on those Apple prices, which makes them quite close. Also Apple store US price is ex some taxes … #
  • 09:20 Giving a big shout out to all involved at @cern today – we’re cheering you on downunder! #
  • 10:09 RT @freeauswireless We’re looking for sponsorship to pay for printing for brochures for Web Directions. $200. Your name on the brochure… #
  • 10:36 @Warlach I guess we’d better make sure the party itself is newsworthy 🙂 #
  • 10:47 RT @NathanaelB iPhone app for car-pooling; suggests passenger pick-up based on proximity search from GPS #
  • 11:19 @techAU lat/long switched or positive when should be negative? Seems to have happened a bit lately. #
  • 11:25 @andrewsayer Hopefully @cern will update us, the planned first stream is for 5pm AEST. #
  • 11:36 @joshsharp too many variables … from what I’ve heard the first trick is just to get first one then two streams of protons moving very fast #
  • 12:15 RT [still says no] @andrewsayer It says NO #
  • 12:19 RT @andrewsayer US$8.2 billion = two LHC’s and some change. US$9 billion = Staying in Iraq for a month #
  • 12:36 @GreensMPs it is great that you’re linking, but how about a direct link to the article? The links you are using make us click again. No fun #
  • 12:40 o hai @HadronWatch – pls mention if an earth shattering kaboom is imminent. kthxbai #
  • 12:43 @Warlach which is exactly why we have blogs – you can always publish your own replies … #
  • 13:46 @Mediamum So we’re both a little short on imagination today. Where’s everybody else? C’mon! #
  • 15:37 @jedwhite Hi folks – counting down to the Large Hadron Collider to be switched on in approx 90 minutes #
  • 15:46 RT @martin_english via @andrewsayer LHC activation date is 10-09-08… #
  • 15:49 Hey! Who switched the Large Hadron Collider on before the final SAFETY CHECK??? #
  • 15:56 @IanWoolf Which Dr Karl’s talk when where? Was planning on direct to party, Bicentennial Park in Glebe (yes, the other park…) #
  • 15:58 May I suggest an LHC induced avatar fest? I’m feeling a little twisted, as you can see 🙂 #
  • 16:01 RT @Entregreeneur is there a #tag for the LHC End of the World Party? [we could co-opt @mpesce’s #doomsday tag I guess – @aDB] #
  • 16:02 @jjprojects A singularly excellent choice, my good man. The Black Hole costume for you. #
  • 16:03 Excellent work @jjprojects and @martin_english on your LHC inspired avatars #doomsday #
  • 16:05 @Entregreeneur luckily search.twitter is still working : #
  • 16:07 Congratulates @bronwen on another great #doomsday avatar #
  • 16:12 @Maab LOL yes indeed, an excellent rendition of #doomsday #
  • 16:17 Good going @freygan @crispynoodles with your LHC #doomsday avatars. If we’re going out, this is how I want to go 🙂 #
  • 16:28 More avatar madness from @NathanaelB @andrewsayer @LisaMaree – well done #doomsday #lhc #
  • 16:31 @HadronWatch have you seen our #doomsday avatar meme? Join us! #
  • 16:37 RT @01000101 30minutes ’till LHC initiation! ♫ [great song for #doomsday] #
  • 16:41 Now that I’ve stirred up the pot, time to head out to the End of the World party in Glebe. Party on #doomsday !!! #
  • 17:35 – green cupcakes ready for #doomsday #
  • 17:37 – Now hear this! @headwellred is simply made of awesome – making these for #doomsday party obscure cartoon panel … #
  • 17:38 RT @cern 9:30. First beam injected and stopped at 1/8 of a circuit. Loud applause in the control room. #
  • 18:37 making our way across the park looking for the #doomsday party #
  • 19:05 now about 30 peeps at the #doomsday party! #

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