Today’s Tweets

  • 12:15 @mpesce reminds me to get back to my home windmill generator project – starting with a treadmill motor. That’s as far as I’ve progressed … #
  • 12:29 @ocean check in with @freygan, she’s been in the mountains for a while and might have a pointer or two #
  • 12:45 last week the heater was on in this office, this week the air conditioner is on for cooling, talk about a fast season change! #
  • 13:04 why does the phone ring immediately after you take a huge bite of the peanut butter on toast? #
  • 13:24 Sneak peek at tonight’s Joey Scout activity : #
  • 13:31 So @WillHughes is stalking me, but @missamanda places the blame on my poorly timed eating habits. Hmph. Can I not eat in peace? #
  • 13:31 RT @IanWoolf a project to make your own solar panel by buying the individual solar cells one at a time from ebay #
  • 13:45 @WillHughes stoopid pants #
  • 15:56 @adnrw If you have some playing cards handy … Cards As Weapons! #
  • 16:15 @artywah any chance of a preview? I’m keen to join in the Movember madness this year. #
  • 16:52 RT @davewiner Paul Krugman explains what’s going on with Lehman. #
  • 22:53 @artywah looking great – thanks for the headsup! #

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