I am guest blogging over at Tested on Humans

Sure I haven’t been real blogging here very much – I do find that Twitter satisfies most of my blogging urges, since most of my blogging is pointing out links it works very well for that.

However there are other topics that come up, and one of those is in the health arena. Always interested in (legal) supplements that can improve my life, here’s a chance to take some action. There’s a small group of us who are undertaking an experiment in EPA – the omega-3 fatty acid that comes predominately from fish oil.

We’re blogging our experiences at the blog Tested on Humans, described as “Medical experiments and body hacks undertaken by a group of friends.” Actually the correct term is probably more like a contributing blogger than a guest blogger, but that’s just details.

So my second post on this nascent blog is here :

You want me to swallow what?

[…] a liquid fish oil, created using molecular distillation to minimise the heavy metal content […]

Over there my handle is Matthew.

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