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December 12, 2008
  • 11:39 @Froosh you have to go if only for the spectacle! Gaming nerd riots! #
  • 11:44 @jokay Hidey Ho! Remember people, if you eat fibre on Christmas eve – he might come to your town! #
  • 11:46 @JodieM (this time fo sure) Happy Birthday! (I can has rite day now?) #
  • 11:56 @swy that is a great plus in favour of Crashplan, have you backed up or restored to/from a friend’s Mac with it? #
  • 11:58 @middleclassgirl Oh my, I wasn’t expecting this at all. There were so many excellent performances! Firstly, I’d like to thank the academy, t #
  • 12:03 virtually attending the Westpac AGM – as usual great questions from the floor 🙂 #
  • 12:16 Westpac AGM – a battle between the board & a vocal shareholder on the Allco & ABC Learning loans of $200m ea that went bad #
  • 12:38 @ragnarok1971 ‘Oriental’ 2min noodles iz peeples! #
  • 12:43 Ohh interesting, a shareholder suggests Westpac may have an action against the ABC Auditors & the board makes NO comment at all! #westpacAGM #
  • 13:17 I must say I’m uncomfortable with this phrasing of ‘tap’ ing markets – RT @theage Macquarie taps markets for $2.6b #
  • 13:51 @swy that’s fantastic to hear – thanks for your feedback. This moves Crashplan to the top of the list I’d say. #
  • 13:54 Glad to see the EFA finally get onto this! #biggles9 RT @efa_oz Police stick by Baby Swinging charge. Scary. #
  • 14:20 @lelak Exactly! Which is why I find it weird we haven’t been talking about this more! #biggles9 is the hashtag #
  • 14:21 Searched Twitter for #biggles9: #
  • 18:10 went into Optus & Telstra stores 2day to talk iPhones – busy Optus guy gave me a lot of time, Telstra guy brushed me off (in empty store!) #
  • 18:20 Just heard from Mac1 in Burwood – repairs complete on my iMac (logic board replaced *again*) If this doesn’t fix it … #
  • 18:21 @kcarruthers Oh I know of #badoptus but it will be my mum’s phone & she’s adamant about staying with them 🙂 #
  • 18:31 @kcarruthers that save the kiddies madness is the #biggles9 story @ozdj was tweeting a few days ago – there needs to be much more said! #
  • 18:38 @kcarruthers the weird thing is nobody is talking about it still! This guy was arrested & gets less tweets than nocleanfeed talk #biggles9 #
  • 18:49 @developit yay for Santa hat avatars! #
  • 18:52 @andrewbarnett "like Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa, except not so good looking" well that hasn’t stopped me – c’mon join in! #
  • 19:32 @halans @trib I didn’t know WPAU was discontinued, but now i see. Will it get us *to* WP 2.7 first? I can’t see any answers to that. #

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