From the couch

Having recently become a member of the iPhone club I can now blog from the couch, or the bus, or even walking down the street.
Surely, you ask, this is nothing new?
Well yes you could do that from a laptop, but as the burgeoning netbook and iPhone markets clearly demonstrate there is a strong demand for ultra portable devices.
That I can manage a range of blogs from this iPhone is an amazing thing. Time will tell if it results in more blogging on my part.

2 Responses to From the couch

  1. Froosh says:

    I love the WordPress app for iPhone, yet I find tapping away at the keyboard to be tedious and exhausting – my internal monologue ends up paragraphs ahead of my typing and then I lose concentration and forget what I was up to.

    This may just be a problem for me though… 🙂

    I need some sort of direct thought transcription service that I can just excerpt into blog posts.

  2. Matthew says:

    I’m still enjoying it (in a weird way) – however I did see that in the next release of the WordPress app (1.2) they are testing landscape mode and a larger keyboard. That would allow for a good grip and thumb typing which may be more sustainable, if not any faster.

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