Splinter of the Twitter’s Tweetdeck

Cue Dylan’s Times are a-changing.

Twitter (the company) has just lost the absolutely clear number one position in micro blogging.

Facebook have made two massive changes recently to set the stage : first the home page now resembles that famous micro blogging service Twitter. Already, over the din of “bring back my old Facebook”, the status messages seem to be more frequent.

Secondly Facebook have added a new privacy setting – everyone. Hmm, another move in the Twitter direction?

Most recently Tweetdeck have a pre-release version out that brings Facebook status messages in just as if you were looking at your Facebook homepage!

That is a really massive move.

That is a really massive move.

Mind bomb.

Why? For me, an inveterate tweeter, Tweetdeck has become indispensable. Along with columns for my inner circle on Twitter, replies to me, direct messages and searches for trends I’m monitoring, I now see my friends’ Facebook status messages right alongside. Not only read them, I can post my status messages back to Facebook (only or also send it out as a tweet!)

Now Tweetdeck has the high ground!

There’s no way I’m using only Facebook or Twitter for my microblogging – rather they complement one another as sometime overlapping, but distinct groups.

One application now bridges those two communities for me, allowing cross posting from one to the other. Giving me the overview of both groups in one place. It is only a matter of time before other apps do the same thing, after all once experienced it is obvious.

Now what if Tweetdeck, or another app, also allows me to bring in updates from a laconi.ca installation? These are personal Twitter-like engines you can install on your own servers. Suddenly you see that Twitter has irrevocably splintered. Tens or hundreds of twitters by the end of 2009 seems an easy target now.

One window to Twitter, Facebook, your company’s twitter, one for your friends or club or team or franchise or school … What an interesting world this will be!

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