Today’s Tweets

  • 00:04 @NameCheap Mississippi #334 #
  • 00:19 @franksting way too humid too. Good reason to move to Melbourne I’m told – lower humidity. #
  • 00:36 Oh. My. Your own Asterisk install in the cloud : #
  • 00:39 Which leads to the question : why would you run your VOIP in the cloud? #
  • 10:39 #fb #
  • 13:48 @grum MacHeist bundle sweet? Really? How many photo editing apps do you need? World of Goo is good, but what else? #
  • 15:05 @IanWoolf interesting … I don’t friend on FB unless I do know the person, at the very least have interacted on Twitter, tho that’s rare #
  • 15:06 @kcarruthers have you set up a webcam in my bedroom? How did you know about teh leopard print tights … #
  • 15:09 @IanWoolf I pretty much ignore them point blank. #
  • 15:23 Great news for @earthhour : the lights will go out on the Sphinx and Great Pyramids of Giza! #
  • 16:14 @decryption Espresso & World of Goo are the only 2 highlights I can see in the MacHeist bundle. What am I missing? #
  • 16:28 @xeyr @decryption thx I’m looking again at the MacHeist bundle now. Ever so slightly more tempted now 😉 #
  • 16:40 @xeyr @decryption no sign on the MacHeist forums whether it is unlocked … since brand new, I’d bet on free updates v1.x only … #
  • 17:02 @xeyr by my rough calc on the macheist page they raise $8.47 each, so 11,795 bundles #
  • 17:15 @xeyr I see you have spotted the flaw in my cunning plan. Way more than 11k bundles then … maybe Coda wins with integrated subversion #
  • 17:24 @xeyr yes, that does seem to be the biggest problem. #
  • 17:44 Wondering if I have entered the #EvernoteClarifiGiveaway #
  • 18:55 Bracing for incoming storm. Clothes off line etc… #
  • 19:04 @SilkCharm I’d like to know when our tv broadcasts will run anywhere near their scheduled times. Tis pathetic all the running over/under #
  • 19:45 @SilkCharm agreed – Ch7 after bringing us TiVo then run Monday nights up to 20 minutes early *every week* they are dead to me now #
  • 19:49 @katska yes. Yes they are. #
  • 19:52 @agronaught welcome back to Sydney, hope the scan shows no nerve damage tomorrow #
  • 20:02 Catching #newinventors live for the first time in ages #
  • 20:03 Wot? No smart plastic tonight? #newinventors #
  • 20:08 RT @mpesce: @aDB Patience, good sir. Intelligent Plastic is forthcoming. #newinventors #
  • 20:10 Here we go! #newinventors #
  • 20:25 My vote is intelligent plastic, especially if it can do blood sugar levels as well #newinventors #

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One Response to Today’s Tweets

  1. loud mo says:

    Between me and my lazy husband, I won the argument on this subject because he did not agree with you.. 🙂

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