Today’s Tweets

  • 00:22 Sync groups, filters desktop to iphone? Bring it! RT @JesseNewhart: New Twitter client: Looks promising. #
  • 09:15 Rousing the troops to attend #SSMTUP – but confused are there 2? The Bentley at Surry Hills & Max Brenner at Bondi Junction? #
  • 09:19 Any chance the Bondi Junction #SSMTUP can be delayed to 10:30? Then we could engineer an #SSMTUP crawl 🙂 #
  • 09:36 @alanjlee sweet! thx #
  • 10:12 Given the time, we’re heading to teh bondi #ssmtup #
  • 10:27 Crossing crown st, waving to surry hills meetup as we cruise past # ssmtup #
  • 11:01 @serdar #ssmtup is a coffee meetup, we’re at Max Brenner chocolate cafe in Westfield Bondi now #
  • 11:26 And it tasted great #ssmtup – RT @alanjlee: Cornflakes… Chocolate and pizza this is love #
  • 11:50 Miss 8 folded a crane from a napkin at #SSMTUP-east #
  • 11:55 RT @pamelafox: psst, If you’re in sydney, au & want to hack on google wave june 19th: #
  • 12:26 @ozdj near the movies on the 6th floor #
  • 14:41 Mr 11 asks : why is A4 paper that particular size. I know it relates to A3…A0 which double in size, but what & why is the reference point? #
  • 23:41 Many thx @ozdj @jodiem @andrewbarnett @joshsharp @smperris for the paper sizing info! Simple version A0 = metre square, #
  • 23:50 The interwebs really do have everything – is a collection of sea shanties! (see BigBangTheory s02e18) #

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