Today’s Tweets

  • 02:17 Memo to self: investigate delayed phase insomnia #
  • 02:35 @DDsD thx for the RT & link, it is matching my experiences fairly well … #
  • 02:40 Seems a blast of blue LEDs in the morning might help shift one’s circadian rythm closer to the social norms. Got me some DIY to do 🙂 #
  • 02:47 @Entregreeneur roger wilco. Going to start with a fullscreen blue image on the phone. #
  • 02:53 – Sample blue image to stare at when I wake to shift my circadian rythms #
  • 02:55 @Entregreeneur @alegrya my excuse is a dinner time coffee and TiVo #
  • 02:59 After watching episode 2 of Dead Tired, a sleep documentary, I’m off to sleep. The blue light may be a great tool in the mornings. #
  • 11:24 @notaphysicist the doco is on SBS, has more to go. #
  • 12:01 @NameCheap Sydney #
  • 12:58 I’ve wondered why this goldmine of data hasn’t been plundered before! Seems obvious (to me) (via @misswired) #
  • 13:13 @j_stirk indeed – there’s been a massive FAIL in these schemes. Why haven’t we been operating these mining operations for them … le sigh #
  • 13:55 Another niche information product idea is born while at lunch with my Dad. Can haz execution motivation pls? #
  • 14:47 @agronaught while you’re at Hamilton Island spare a thought for the scouts camping out this weekend … & those of us visiting them Sunday #
  • 14:56 @Warlach news from home? Still raining. #
  • 14:58 Just an FYI – when I see someone saying ‘get/got followers fast’ this makes me strongly consider unfollowing them. Do not support the spam! #
  • 15:05 @neilphillips that’s a great strategy, not clear on step 2 that leads to step 3 : profit!! #
  • 15:07 Of course you may consider my tweets spam, especially when I enter competitions. Life is contradiction. #
  • 15:11 @NameCheap Great Pyramid of Giza #
  • 15:14 @Entregreeneur yes, but Twitter won’ #
  • 15:15 @Entregreeneur yes but Twitter won’t provide one. There are a few around – need one for this problem to shoot back to these peeps… #
  • 15:16 @Entregreeneur reminds me of the early days of email. We all make mistakes – & acceptable conduct even changes over time/populations. Sigh. #
  • 15:18 A few tweeps might like : Automated Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire at under self-assessment #
  • 15:37 @Entregreeneur Yep. There’s quite a few around who could tell us to get off their lawn 🙂 #
  • 16:37 Anyone have a better link than to help new tweeps see why gobs of random followers are not really useful? #
  • 16:37 @WrestlingToday don’t be fooled by services offering ‘thousands’ of new followers! #
  • 16:55 Tomorrow is Odd Socks Day – says @shaicoggins – that’s nice for you muggles. Most days are odd socks day for me 😉 #
  • 17:03 Placed an NRMA service request online. Wasn’t easy to find. #
  • 22:08 Awesome Wandarrah tonight. Actually inspiring & invigorating. #scouts # southmet #

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