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June 13, 2009
  • 08:55 @rbuerckner who declares #swineflu pandemic? That’s what I’m trying to find out! #
  • 11:05 Our school is renovating the toilets – see for ideas. Why isn’t Biogas here? #
  • 11:18 @jodiem that’s fantastic! A great candidate for opening slide. There are slides now? Who knew? #
  • 11:22 Out of brown sugar for porridge. Can’t bring myself to drive to shops just for that. Darned green guilt. #
  • 12:03 Let me know if you’re interested in getting involved in barcampbank Sydney – we’re tentatively planning it for June 26. (via @charispalmer) #
  • 12:25 putting on chicken noodle soup for Miss 8 who’s home again today #regularflu #
  • 15:45 @eskimo_sparky You big tease! #
  • 15:49 RT @alanjlee: To @biz @ev . It seems @jonoh has been suspended for no good reason. Can you either explain or reinstate please? #freejonoh #
  • 17:07 @NameCheap France #
  • 17:10 @rachelmacalpine I thought it was an accurate description actually #
  • 17:36 @jdar No, I haven’t heard a peep! Will try to bail likely people up at BarCampSydney & see what they say #bcs5 #
  • 20:06 @techAU time your Apple purchases using as a guide. Not perfect, but gives a reasonable clue #
  • 20:06 BTW got stuff all done on the tax front today … appt is Mon at 10am. Pressure is building. #
  • 22:19 @ozdj I’m no fan of bank fees, but I am invested in our banks to get a slice of that upside 😉 #

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