Today’s Tweets

  • 00:59 Still slogging away on my tax – the end is in sight! As a bonus I’ve done a bit towards the 08/09 year as well 🙂 #
  • 02:34 By Jove I think I’ve done it #taxmarathonover? #
  • 09:03 @awmitchell Yes, you got me 🙂 What I really want is for the bank to do my taxes for me, psychically. Might have to wait for that … #
  • 10:12 Cheap concert experiences: crank the iPod with eyes closed standing on peak hour buses/trains #
  • 11:01 Loving my accountant right now – nice big refund on the way 🙂 #
  • 12:25 Pondering how best to utilise the Edumacation Tax Refund in the last two weeks of this fin. year… #
  • 12:27 @wheelyweb without reservation! Rapport Tax, Hurstville. Will provide full deets & referral when back at my desk. #
  • 13:07 Fading fast – even the celebratory coffee & donuts won’t keep me awake much longer. #posttaxmarathonexhaustion #
  • 14:25 Hello and welcome to the conversation @PayPalAustralia ! #
  • 14:28 Say what you will about #badoptus @artywah, but I’ve been on the Optus cable internet since forever & it just works. #
  • 15:41 @artywah whatever y’all did at the start it was good, the optus cable has been rock solid. Moving addresses was a cust service nightmare 🙂 #
  • 15:48 Someone recently asked about iPhone compatible car stereos with Bluetooth handsfree for 2 phones – were there answers? Looking myself. #
  • 16:43 @bck that’s great to know, thx. #
  • 16:44 @dfg77 I’m told (via @bck) "everything with Bluetooth from Alpine and Pioneer will do at least two pairings" which is a great start #
  • 16:44 RT @finnern: PLEASE RT Functioning Iran proxies #iran (via @sufw) #
  • 16:51 @dfg77 ah yes, I see now. You’re right, they’re only going to have an active connection to one device at a time. How would you use 2 active? #
  • 17:08 @shermozle DAB+ transmitters in Sydney are having low power testing now, official launch is July 1 #
  • 17:09 Going dark for another Monday night of Scouting #
  • 21:14 Big milestone for Miss 9 – she achieved her Bronze Boomerang at Cub Scouts tonight! #

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