Is there (digital) life after death?

June 18, 2009

After the untimely passing of a high-geek friend of mine, before he had achieved the age of 40, I was struck by the lack of preparedness of most people I know with respect to their online lives.

Is this how I’m grieving, by throwing myself into this slightly morbid topic? Probably.

Since we have an upcoming BarCamp in Sydney I decided to lead a session on death and passwords, digital ghosts & things we’d rather not think about (but really should!) Ever since the decision a few weeks ago, I have been blabbing to any who will listen in the hopes of picking up some useful information. Only now am I able to publish this post as a reference point for the topic for my records, the BarCampSydney session and hopefully we can trigger thoughts and ideas on how best to handle things.

There have been some great blog posts (“Ghosts of the cyber dead” and “Will you leave your online life to your loved ones?“) covering differing aspects of this quite large issue. Just today, our local rag prints an article called “Cyber graveyards a growing problem for legal professionals” which is symptomatic of this issue not having been covered deeply. Thanks to @Jodiem for pointing this one out to me. I am happy that articles like this are being written – but we need to spend some time in deep thought working out better solutions than “keeping a log book containing all internet passwords and codes to make an executor’s job easier.”

More of my thoughts will follow – this is my stake in the sand to say that I’m working on this topic now.

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June 18, 2009
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