Today’s Tweets

  • 07:46 Though you drown in good intentions / you may never quench the fire / don’t give in to your desire / when the stranger comes along #
  • 07:58 TFIF! #
  • 12:04 @headwellred meet @amniisia in our life post fishnets #
  • 12:15 Playing with since Miss 9 made an animation at school with it this week. Thx DigiEd #
  • 12:17 @Entregreeneur because it worked out *so* well on Futurama … #
  • 14:00 RT @GoldenGoose8: The What the Hashtag page for today’s BarCampBankMelbourne is up : #bcbmel09 #
  • 16:26 Eyeing off a Mac Mini on eBay to replace a G4 450MHz PowerMac. Good price, bundled with 19" Dell screen & in Tassie – shipping too much? #
  • 16:32 RT @ScoutsAustralia: Register for the Junior Landcare Pumpkin Challenge – biggest pumpkin wins a prize! #
  • 19:59 Enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends in their new house under this fab full moon – Photo: #
  • 20:50 The downside of finishing off the cask of Shiraz Cab is that no-one is legal to go get MOAR!! #
  • 21:05 @Tuna De Bortoli’s Premium Shiraz Cabernet. Good thing it comes in 4 litre containers 🙂 #
  • 21:10 @seancarmody I think I already had one for most of my tweeps 🙂 [hic] #
  • 22:10 Uh-oh, the sticky wine and the Singstar have come out. A rusty morning is coming indeed! #
  • 22:19 Don’t fear the reaper!!! MOAR COWBELL!!!! #
  • 22:57 You know Singstar isn’t going well when your best results cimf from singing through your nose #
  • 23:18 Uh-oh @headwellred has knocked the local star off the high score on Divinyls "Boys In Town" – there could be blood spilt! (9700!) #

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