Today’s Tweets

  • 00:20 @NathanaelB that’s why (some of us) love the town 😉 enjoy the show! #
  • 00:24 This is A Good Thing! RT @JesseNewhart Facebook Begins Measuring GNH — Gross National Happiness #
  • 09:41 Beautiful sunny morning in Melbourne! I am greeted with a call from my father who’s work server has crashed hard back in Sydney. Arg!!#%^}*€ #
  • 10:12 @andrewbarnett congrats & many happy returns to Miss 9! #
  • 12:50 Pressure is mounting from the younglings for a dinner at Smorgies – though a trip to Costco is imminent #Melbtrip #
  • 15:17 In your Docklands, approaching your Costco #Melbtrip #
  • 15:22 Wait, you have to join before you can walk into the store??? #costcofail #
  • 15:29 @smperris I knew we wouldn’t be able to buy, but join before even looking is pretty dumb #
  • 15:34 @SnarkyPlatypus our local says Lygon st is east of the Uni #
  • 16:27 The trip will haven been rescued by slices of Melbourne’s best snot block (err Vanilla Slice) as voted by The Age’s readers. Om nom nom? #

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