Today’s Tweets

  • 12:34 Yes, a ‘real’ castle. With a stone maze, dressups, archery and a moat. $60/family – Photo: #
  • 12:37 On the road to Soverign Hill, Ballarat – distracted by that Castle which we’ll be back for. Maccas wifi & lunch before tourist trap 😉 #
  • 17:32 Dear lazyweb: any suggestions on cheap family accomodation in Ballarat tonight? #
  • 17:51 @CADbloke of course, wasn’t thinking clearly on the road, thx #
  • 18:00 Huh. is showing all booked out tonight. Next we try the pubs, then the caravan park #
  • 18:17 @TessaFroosh @Maab thx very much – following up on those leads now, then to see the night show at Sovereign Hill!! #
  • 18:19 There’s been some kiddie dance event here in Ballarat that has boosted the itinerant population tonight. #
  • 18:55 There’s no room in Ballarat, do we are staying in a freakin’ Castle!! #
  • 19:20 @TessaFroosh all full. Like really really full! This place has a hot brekkie inc. making it the same price as the last few rooms in town #
  • 19:40 Thx all, even the caravan parks were booked out so an awesome castle stay it is. Nice room, all castle-y with heater & spa bath! Sweet. #
  • 23:28 The ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ show at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat is well worth the effort. In 5 locations across the park. Keep warm! #

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