Today’s Tweets

  • 09:28 @jjprojects "Money can’t buy me love" is so true. Once you define wealth to include time, freedom, happiness & love you’re in a new ballgame #
  • 10:55 Choking on the ticket prices to go see ‘Up’ in 3D – $76 for the family! Not. Going. To. Happen. Sorry @eVent_cinemas, you ask too much. #
  • 11:05 RT @skc0602: RT @_Cantus_: My Brother went off to the Holy Land and all I got was this lousy severed Turk’s head #medievalbumperstickers #
  • 11:05 Heresy : Just say No! #medievalbumperstickers #
  • 11:06 Not the Spanish Inquisition! #medievalbumperstickers #
  • 11:08 Witches Float #medievalbumperstickers #
  • 15:45 Discovered iphotoexport tool in Python to liberate photos from iPhoto’s database (said to be great for Picasa et al) #
  • 16:17 Argh – OS X 10.4’s Python is 2.3.5 which knows not of sqlite3 (which is installed in /usr/sbin ) – upgrading Python now (the Mac later) 🙂 #
  • 17:31 Keyword research for Mr 12 : what do *you* call the small organic packing foam type things found in, err, packages, these days? #
  • 17:46 Thx @limburger2001 @cafedave – packing peanuts seems the most used term. #
  • 19:59 @iain_chalmers just wait until Mr 12’s ebook showing you how to make Halloween decorations out of them 😉 #
  • 19:59 @cafedave Oh aye. We had to get up two hours before we went to bed … #

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