Today’s Tweets

  • 15:14 There I was wondering what to do today! RT @slurpeeOz Twitpic us ur slurpee pics in and hashtag #freeslupree #
  • 15:54 Darn, 7-eleven Strathfield has ‘run out’ of #freeslurpee ! #
  • 16:10 Happy 7-Eleven day! #freeslurpee #
  • 16:44 .@slurpeeOz Happy 7-Eleven day! My daughter & I at Burwood, NSW : #freeslurpee #
  • 16:48 @jokay Sorry to hear the sad news #
  • 17:23 Found @ianwoolf while waiting for the Ashfield 7-Eleven’s back in 5 sign to come down. Moar #freeslurpee 🙂 #
  • 17:44 @Froosh you get unappreciative crowds sometimes … What training are you doing? #
  • 17:46 @limburger2001 thanks – we had a late start & Miss 9 is on crutches so we’ll only get five stores done I reckon. Fun though 🙂 #freeslurpee #
  • 18:12 … and Five Dock makes five (7-Eleven’s visited, 4 with slurpees for us) #freeslurpee Now for some lunch, err, dinner! #
  • 18:33 Whoops, 7-Eleven at Drummoyne on Victoria Road. #freeslurpee number five. Plenty of cups left too! #
  • 20:10 @PeterBlackQUT A mac monk & proud of it (naturally) since 1986 #
  • 20:19 Hadn’t seen the cat for nearly a day, on a hunch I opened the garage – out came a grey flash, heading for the food bowl! #
  • 21:52 @jambled I just heard fireworks around Homebush … Spooky. No idea exactly where though. #

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