Today’s Tweets

  • 08:02 @NameCheap The Coca Cola Company (Happy SuperBowl Monday from Australia πŸ™‚ #
  • 08:31 @NameCheap George Orwell’s 1984 #
  • 09:54 @NameCheap Budweiser #
  • 10:16 @4fthawaiian Balmain Tigers baby, sure they’re Wests now but I’ve been following them for lo these many years #
  • 10:32 Love Queen Latifah pulling her earpiece out as she starts singing the anthem – I wonder who said what to deserve that? #SBXLIV #
  • 11:39 I just became the mayor of Northcote Central Shopping Centre on @foursquare! #
  • 15:17 @4fthawaiian No danger there, none at all. #
  • 15:30 Who dat!!! #
  • 22:33 Wow – my stream is full of #qanda commentary. Big one tonight? #
  • 22:37 Bugger the NBN, give us phone/adsl portability!! #qanda #
  • 22:40 @artywah #qanda ta, joined in at the end. looked good. #
  • 22:44 @Rika_AlextheCat in old parli house? Noice place for it πŸ˜‰ #

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