Birthday Wish List

Got a big one coming up! I’ve been pimping this as my big birthday for some years now. Yet having moved to Melbourne recently, having the big party with all my dearest friends is just not going to happen on, or near the day. Perhaps next time we’re back in Sydney for a visit?

In the meantime, what I’d really love to do is go to the AC/DC concert. I did that on my 21st birthday, which would close that circle very neatly. In fact, there may even be general access to the arena floor still available. Is it selfish of me to ditch family & go rock out for a night?

In other more material ways, I’m looking for a kick ass chair for my home office. I notice that these mesh chairs are all the rage at the moment – is that a fad or is there a tangible benefit over the more traditional chair coverings?

There is the iconic Aeron, a thousand dollar chair. This is the chair I aspire to, although it is a little out of the budget right now. Worthy of a goal, for sure! Coming right down to the more affordable end of the spectrum I’ve shortlisted a few chairs from DealsDirect:

How to choose? Well anyone who’s met me in meatspace knows that I’m larger than the average bear. The last one in the list is certainly the most configurable, but the 100kg capacity is a deal breaker for me. Not only is that already under my current weight, I know that at some point my kids are going to sit on me – certain death for a measly 100kg rating.

An alternative deal is to get one of the Kingpin range from mojo : since they are a MacTalk sponsor, there’s some good mojo in supporting them.

See this long running thread on Whirlpool for the Aeron, alternatives & imitations and where to buy in Australia. Sit Back & Relax have them for $1399 today. Living Edge also distribute the Aeron, but don’t hint at prices.

There you have it. The Aeron gives itself a good sell, along with many comments from owners saying they wouldn’t sit in anything else. For now I suppose haunting eBay is the way to go.

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