Today’s Tweets

  • 03:09 @mpesce Tease! #
  • 03:30 Nasty reflux has me back out of bed & in the comfy chair by the telly. Sigh. Was it the red wine or the chilli chicken wings? #
  • 12:03 Excited about our first trip to the ‘G for the Swans v Tigers game today #AFL (must remember umpires not referees…) #
  • 13:50 Our first game at the ‘G! #afltigersswans (@ Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) w/ 8 others) #
  • 14:45 Game on! #afltigersswans #
  • 15:39 Sat 8 rows off the field for the first half, now trying the bird’s eye top level view #afltigersswans #
  • 16:44 That’s what I call a thrilling ending! #afltigersswans #
  • 17:47 Jiggety jig, home again home again. That turned out to be a most entertaining afternoon of sportball #afltigersswans #
  • 18:00 @Fifikins Many Happy Returns of the day! #
  • 18:03 Came home to see the last few minutes of the game on the tv – I think we caught sight of ourselves in the top stand for a few frames… #

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