Quick Links after a meeting with friends

July 15, 2013

Last week I was fortunate enough to catch up with some very good friends back in Sydney. This is a really smart bunch – we’ve known each other since university. The conversation was fantastic, ranging over many topics. At some point I realised a collection of links to some of these might be useful.

Speaking of encryption, online safety and such

There’s no party like a Cryptoparty 🙂

TrueCrypt is PC’s favourite encryption tool – “Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux”

My password tool of choice is 1Password ( Mac / Win / iOS / Android ) – makes it easy to generate secure passwords and use them in the major browsers. Quick links to 1Password for OS,1Password Mac App (1Password keeps all my devices in sync using DropBox)

Other password tools :

  • Keepass is an Open Source tool
  • LastPass is free to start, subscribe for advanced tools (including group management?)

Just plain Useful

DropBox is just amazing. They provide 2Gb free storage (subscribe for more) across platforms and seamlessly syncs. My affiliate link gives us both 500Mb extra storage. Direct link https://www.dropbox.com


Tard the grumpy cat is grumpy. Source for Mel’s character in a Melbourne Fringe show in 2013.

Rush – is the F1 movie by Ron Howard about Niki Lauda

Hackerspaces in Sydney : Hackerspaces are community places to hack, program, tinker and make cool stuff. There’s now three in Sydney! I’ve written about the idea before.

Holiday by MooresCloud :  Mark Pesce’s smart lighting startup. Follow along at the blog. Note both the hardware & software is Open!

Remember the Curiosity Show?  Episodes are appearing on YouTube

The Aeropress is how I make coffee these days (especially at work.) Where to buy Aeropress  in Australia, here’s a GizMag review.
I use a Porlex hand grinder from Japan to grind my bones, err, beans.

That VPN plugin is called Media Hint (for FireFox & Chrome) to watch NetFlix (movies) or Hulu.com (US TV)

Sir Hubert Wilkins

Australian-born adventurer Sir Hubert Wilkins was the first to use a submarine to cross the Arctic Ocean by way of the North Pole. In 1931. In a rusty de-commissioned bucket of bolts called Nautilus.

That was just one of his many adventures. Wilkins is truly Australia’s unknown hero.

Hackerspace Sydney?

September 16, 2008

Recently I was asked to locate some contacts for a person soon to move to Sydney from the US. The starting point I was given was that they were looking for “hackspace/hackers/makers to connect with.”

Now this is a really great scene, but I’m not sure just how much is actually going on here in Sydney …

Hacker Spaces – HackerspaceWiki

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects.

So where to begin? After a bit of searching and asking around I have come up with these meagre few links that may point in approximately the correct direction.

So far the best lead I would have is our local Dorkbot group :

Of course you’d want to keep tabs on http://www.barcampsydney.org/

There is a new coworking space (which would be our first) starting up
– latest blog posting on that :

Other than that, follow @STUB on Twitter : http://twitter.com/stub or
the web site : http://sydney.twitterusergroup.com/ to start meeting
more of the geek / tech community here.

So Sydney – what have I missed? Is there a shared community space for the makers / hackers amongst us? If not, should there be? How would it come about?

Update May 2009

Well something happened! There is now a Sydney page at the Hackerspace wiki, although it is mostly empty it does point to where the real action is. A group has begun to meet, which is most excellent news!

You can find the Sydney Hackerspace community now on their own wiki, for more interaction then you’d want to join the Sydney Hackerspace Mailing List.

Real people do win giveaways!

January 3, 2008

Congratulations (and happy birthday!) to Ian over at Here’s Why on winning a Dell Vostro from ING! I’m just wondering why I didn’t enter 🙂

Here’s Why: Woohoo! Archives

I won a free laptop (when I desperately needed but couldn’t afford a new computer), and it was delivered on my birthday!

Australian Share Information

December 31, 2007

where to find a fantastic share investment education and learning for the new and beginning value investor

This morning it occurred to me that new members joining the group will be at various different levels of knowledge and experience when it comes to investing in shares and engaging with the stock market. So to address this, I want to share with you the best Australian web site I have found for introducing new investors to learn about the share market.

I was going to comment on Brad’s new blog but the kinks don’t seem to be quite worked out yet, so here’s the reply I was going to leave :

Another resource you must read (IMHO) is the aus.invest FAQ. Yes, a newsgroup. The group itself is sporadically useful these days, but the most excellent FAQ by Travis is both informative reading in itself, as well as directing you to other resources including a fantastic book list.


Hang in there Sbg!

June 22, 2007

Good to see that Sbg is posting again – and on the Sydney Film Festival no less. Wish I could be there with him!

sbg – words for Wednesday June 20, 2007 @11:43pm