Experiments in tagging

February 23, 2006

So after coming home from the Dudes 20th Anniversary Weekend I realise we all have stuff that we’d like to share. Mostly photos.

Could tagging be an answer to help us out?

Perhaps. I’ve chosen a tag that doesn’t seem to be in use at the moment : ‘dudes20th’.

So by tagging all of our stuff we’ll be able to come back and find it later.

See these places for stuff:

[Update – an experiment in tagged video follows]

Has it been that long?

February 20, 2006

picture of a kangaroo on the deck outside the lodge where we stayedJust got back into the saddle after a long weekend with a group of friends. Nothing unusual about that, of course. In fact it was rather pleasant.

The unusual part is that these are the friends I made in the first days and weeks at university. After leaving school. Twenty years ago.

Has it really been that long?