Splinter of the Twitter’s Tweetdeck

March 17, 2009

Cue Dylan’s Times are a-changing.

Twitter (the company) has just lost the absolutely clear number one position in micro blogging.

Facebook have made two massive changes recently to set the stage : first the home page now resembles that famous micro blogging service Twitter. Already, over the din of “bring back my old Facebook”, the status messages seem to be more frequent.

Secondly Facebook have added a new privacy setting – everyone. Hmm, another move in the Twitter direction?

Most recently Tweetdeck have a pre-release version out that brings Facebook status messages in just as if you were looking at your Facebook homepage!

That is a really massive move.

That is a really massive move.

Mind bomb.

Why? For me, an inveterate tweeter, Tweetdeck has become indispensable. Along with columns for my inner circle on Twitter, replies to me, direct messages and searches for trends I’m monitoring, I now see my friends’ Facebook status messages right alongside. Not only read them, I can post my status messages back to Facebook (only or also send it out as a tweet!)

Now Tweetdeck has the high ground!

There’s no way I’m using only Facebook or Twitter for my microblogging – rather they complement one another as sometime overlapping, but distinct groups.

One application now bridges those two communities for me, allowing cross posting from one to the other. Giving me the overview of both groups in one place. It is only a matter of time before other apps do the same thing, after all once experienced it is obvious.

Now what if Tweetdeck, or another app, also allows me to bring in updates from a laconi.ca installation? These are personal Twitter-like engines you can install on your own servers. Suddenly you see that Twitter has irrevocably splintered. Tens or hundreds of twitters by the end of 2009 seems an easy target now.

One window to Twitter, Facebook, your company’s twitter, one for your friends or club or team or franchise or school … What an interesting world this will be!

Do augmented social skills make me worse than a politician?

February 10, 2009

[Note I wrote this draft at 2:30am from bed on my iPhone, I had intended to edit but I think it is more interesting as is]

How will you feel when, next we meet, I ask how you enjoyed the last movie you saw, referring to it by name? About your partner? Your kids? Pets?

Does that depend on our relationship? If we aren’t close, but I have good ‘people skills’ (read an exellent memory for personal details) is it creepy or does it engender perhaps a closer bond than before?

Now if my recall is augmented by notes in my address book swotted before we meet, is that different?

What about a politician’s handlers prompting these tidbits?

What if these details writhe ghostly about your person when I see, or even hear you? Only to me of course, apparitions conjoured inside my glasses by my digital djinn. Divining your recent personal history by re-tracing your digital footprints upon need. My very own internet 6th sense, a social prosthesis if you will.

This is the world being summoned right now by the technomancers, the wunderkind, the hackers of our futures.

There are many philosophical questions to be answered, let alone new social customs to be discovered. Or perhaps merely unearthed? Restored from a time not so long ago when social graces really did make the world go around.


  1. Mark Pesce: This, That, and The Other
  2. Wired: TED: MIT Students Turn Internet Into a Sixth Human Sense

From the couch

December 18, 2008

Having recently become a member of the iPhone club I can now blog from the couch, or the bus, or even walking down the street.
Surely, you ask, this is nothing new?
Well yes you could do that from a laptop, but as the burgeoning netbook and iPhone markets clearly demonstrate there is a strong demand for ultra portable devices.
That I can manage a range of blogs from this iPhone is an amazing thing. Time will tell if it results in more blogging on my part.

“The Twitter Agency” Spontaneously Appears

October 2, 2008

Showing the power of hyper-connected people, a brand new social networking / media ad agency has spontaneously appeared in Australia this afternoon.

Calling itself “The Twitter Agency”, inside of two hours from the first idle mention of the idea on Twitter the blog was created. Fully twenty two people stepped forward to participate in helping businesses not suck on Twitter.

The Twitter Agency

Tagline for the agency? “How not to suck on Twitter”? “Making $30 million from 1 million Twitterers”?

How did this happen? Why did this happen?

The how is simple. Take a group of hyperconnected people, hand them the tools to publish and stand back. See Wikipedia for an example of that.

Why? A better question. Perhaps the main motivator was the entry of Australia’s largest telco, Telstra, to Twitter. With messages like this :

11:47am September 25, 2008 BigPond® would like 2 chat about the concerns U have. Click http://tinyurl.com/5ufhvf & a BigPond consultant will email U back.

There was immediate pushback from the community lambasting the automaton like style and appearance of the registered trademark symbol. Fortunately the BigPond support team have been listening and have already humanised their style.

So – here we are. Ready to help your business learn to communicate humanely with the people you do business with. For we are people. We are here. We can help.

Internet Gurus weigh in on what’s hot, what’s next

August 19, 2008

Lachlan was asked to be one of five ‘Internet Gurus’ to comment on what’s hot on the web for the SMH. Naturally Lachlan reached out of his blog to ask his friends what they thought – and the results are a wonderful read …

Internet Gurus – LachStock

1 What are the three things online that are exciting you most?
2 What gadget do you never leave home without? And given most everybody will say their phone or their laptop, why?
3 What will be the Next Big Thing?