Been Working! (with WordPress and others)

March 7, 2007

Haven’t been posting here much over the past few days because I’ve been head down over at Fantastic, mostly behind the scenes stuff. Getting WordPress upgraded a couple of times, finding good extensions to use so that when I offer blogging to clients I can recommend some good extensions, themes and plugins to start them off.

Also I have finally switched on the website for our scouting group – is the new site. The site is running a CMS called CMScout, which is developed specifically for scouting groups. At some point I’ll get a chance to localise the templates to make a Sea Scouts and/or Australian Scouting template.

Founder’s Day 2007

February 27, 2007

On Sunday we celebrated Founder’s Day with the Iron Cove district scout groups. It was a very wet day, on and off, so the turnout wasn’t as big as we would have liked – nonetheless those who were there had a great time.

Here is an experimental set of photos from BubbleShare from the day :

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Well I would have to call that a success – so BubbleShare away!

Founder’s Day celebrates the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, whose writings inspired boys to start the Scouting movement 100 years ago this year.

Scouting – what’s in a name?

June 26, 2006

As I have volunteered to join in as a Joey Scout Leader, I need to pick a name for myself.

In Australia the Joey leaders take their names from the local flora and fauna. I think I have found my name.

Early possibilities were chuditch (which is an aboriginal word for the quoll – our largest feline predators.) I was warned against the obvious wombat due to an unfortunately common description of their eating habits having a double meaning.
So next I strike upon the humble Bull Ant, otherwise known as the Jack Jumper. This resonates for a few reasons.

Size – I am of a good heft 🙂 Simple, strong and individual (unlike many other ant species.) They love to eat sweet things. I was once one of the commercial Bullants, though sadly was made redund-ant.

Finally there is the aboriginal name – tietta. This word is also in use in certain areas of arctic Russia – there it means 'science.'

Well that does it for me. Now it only remains to see if the name is acceptable to the scouting leadership and more importantly if the kids can pronounce it.


June 20, 2006

Last night I began the paperwork to join our local Scout group as a volunteer leader. You should have seen how fast the current leaders jumped for the papers and a pen for me!

In my usual style I began searching to see what is happening in Scouting online. Turns out there is a bit, but not as much as i would like. Our group doesn't yet have any web site (that'll soon be fixed 🙂

Anyway here are a few links I dug up of interest to me at the moment:

Camping Time

June 20, 2005

So the long weekend has been and gone – and I was gone with it. Camping that is. Since Dreamer has joined the Sea Scouts as a Cub, it is time to get more involved – am I just living my missing scouting experience through him? Does it matter?

Photos available at Flickr :

Still recovering, by the way 🙂

Our first camping trip

February 15, 2005

In the spirit of Internal Transformation as a weight-loss technique – I unplugged myself and went camping with my family this past weekend.

Our little Dreamer (coming up on his eighth birthday) has started going to meetings of the the Cub Scouts to see if he wants to join. After just two meetings, we were told of a family camp to which we were invited. It was actually quite a bit of fun – despite none of Dreamer's fellow Cubs (or their leaders) being there due to various unfortunate circumstances. We made do with other members of the Scouting troop who looked out for Dreamer, his sister and a few other younger siblings who were there.

When I was of scouting age I was told that the waiting list was years long, so I never did learn how to tie a knot properly. I sincerely hope that we can sustain the Dreamer's interest in scouting because I see that it will be of tremendous importance to his development.