As part of my interest in Living Online, I’ve also been dabbling with Earning Online. Many of these opportunities exist, and many of them last only a short time. I plan to write here about my experiences with these programs, especially the successes, but the failures should be instructive as well.

Where I click day to day to get paid :

  • EmailCash Australia – Running or many years. Guaranteed 5c per day for a couple of clicks, bank your points for bonus interest! Fill out surveys for even more points.
  • PureProfile – build your profile to encourage surveys and ads to be shown. Variable money, but well worth while. A short survey can pay $1-$2!
  • – one of the newcomers I’m trialling. Requires a PayPal account – view sites for 30 seconds each to earn at least 10c per day, plus 1c for each sites your referrals view.
  • Subvert and Profit – runs a black market for votes on social media sites. Again availability is variable, but the pay is about to go up to $1 per group of stories voted upon.

So do they actually pay out? Great question! Here’s my experience with payouts, written on 15th January 2008:

  • EmailCash Australia – I’ve requested my first cheque for $30 Australian. Should be here in a week or so. I totally expect there to be no hassle here. Have been sent Christmas gifts from them for the past two years (inflatable ball and lanyard with pen.) 22Jan08 Cheque arrived in mail!
  • PureProfile – have had a direct deposit paid of $25 Australian to my bank account in 2006, awaiting another at the moment. They say 21 working days to process. 22Jan08 the $35 was deposited to my bank account today!
  • – have accumulated USD$1.09 in a couple of days, so no payout experience yet. 22Jan08 Balance is now USD$2.69 with no referrals yet.
  • Subvert and Profit -withdrew my first USD$10 to PayPal yesterday, will take ‘a few days to process’ – update they did indeed pay up within a few days. I have more faith in them now 🙂

Update January 22, 2008 : I’ve been paid to surf over $75 already in 2008

Update January 31, 2008 : A cheque and a purchase

One Response to PaidToClick

  1. Arnold says:

    Throw up some Google Adsense on your site. You can make money by others clicking on your site. Trust me it works 🙂

    Great site mate.

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