“The Twitter Agency” Spontaneously Appears

October 2, 2008

Showing the power of hyper-connected people, a brand new social networking / media ad agency has spontaneously appeared in Australia this afternoon.

Calling itself “The Twitter Agency”, inside of two hours from the first idle mention of the idea on Twitter the blog was created. Fully twenty two people stepped forward to participate in helping businesses not suck on Twitter.

The Twitter Agency

Tagline for the agency? “How not to suck on Twitter”? “Making $30 million from 1 million Twitterers”?

How did this happen? Why did this happen?

The how is simple. Take a group of hyperconnected people, hand them the tools to publish and stand back. See Wikipedia for an example of that.

Why? A better question. Perhaps the main motivator was the entry of Australia’s largest telco, Telstra, to Twitter. With messages like this :

11:47am September 25, 2008 BigPond® would like 2 chat about the concerns U have. Click http://tinyurl.com/5ufhvf & a BigPond consultant will email U back.

There was immediate pushback from the community lambasting the automaton like style and appearance of the registered trademark symbol. Fortunately the BigPond support team have been listening and have already humanised their style.

So – here we are. Ready to help your business learn to communicate humanely with the people you do business with. For we are people. We are here. We can help.