My list of interesting technology that I want to keep an eye on. Some are mature technologies, others mere speculation, all however are intriguing enough for me to want to keep tabs on or at least re-visit at a later date.

Lily Added 18 Dec 2007

Lily is a browser-based, visual programming environment that lets people create programs graphically, without writing code, by drawing connections between data, images, sounds, text and graphics. Lily’s cross-platform, free, open source and is written in JavaScript.

Loki 18 Dec 2007

Combining GPS-like location, local search and one-button access to location-based content, Loki is the first web-based application to make the Internet revolve around you. Literally. 12 Jan 2008

Programmable consumer electronics. These guys have set out to re-write (literally?) the consumer elctronics business. Now showing at CES, initial products and pricing have been announced. First seen here on Nov 7, 2007

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