Reviews at Here’s Why

March 23, 2004

13:37 – Lots of interesting book reviews over at Here’s Why.

BitTorrent Seeding Costs

March 23, 2004

Earlier: How much does it cost to seed a BitTorrent? … from the maker of RSSTV. Most interesting (especially for TiVo hackers…)


March 22, 2004

Perhaps now is the time to mention that the cow skull is the link to a ‘discussion board’ for each message. ‘Discussion’ is the Userland term for comments, which is no doubt causing confusion all the way around.

Hey look over there!

What is EarthBrowser?
EarthBrowser is a real-time three dimensional model of the earth with continuously updating global information. It uses an advanced raytracing algorithm and a high resolution satellite image to produce an extremely accurate picture of the earth. The globe can be easily rotated and magnified to give a distant or close up view of the earth from space.

Time flies, SPAM, Astroturfing and turf wars in the Sims Online

March 15, 2004

Whoa! Time has just gotten away from me there for a bit… I think we’re still shellshocked. Although it seems like we got married months ago, rather than just two weeks.

Also – I’ve just deleted my first two spam comments on the blog! Since no-one else has actually used the comments system, I may just remove it altogether 😦

In other spammy news – it seems slashdot has picked up on an astroturf-like effort purporting to be from an engineer of the Mini Cooper who has been over-engineering the car so it can be re-built as a robot.

Otherwise take a look at a story from the ‘who the hell thinks this is fun?’ department – WIRED: “This is the all-out, bare-knuckles campaign for the presidency of Alphaville, the biggest city in The Sims Online. And this Saturday, two challengers will square off in a final primary for the opportunity to unseat Alphaville’s incumbent president, the appropriately named Mr-President, in next month’s general election.”

Wireless internet sharing for fun and profit

March 5, 2004

LinSpot is a startup business that provides free software to enable you, yes you (or me) to share your internet connection wirelessly – for real money. As real as PayPal anyway.

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