iTunes Remote Control

August 8, 2004

I realise that Airport Express has been getting all the press lately, but I just found a nice free little iTunes remote that is working a treat for me right now – iTunes Remote by Michael Tomlin. [Update – linked to Archived version] Working very nicely from my Panther running laptop to my Jaguar running Blue & White G4.

FTA for Australia? No! Why? Read!

August 2, 2004

Here are two articles by Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald that do a fantastic job of explaining why the intellectual property sections of the free trade agreement with the USA will be devasting to our economy now and for the indefinite future…

First, Software’s game of mutually assured damage

Today a software patent is often the modern equivalent of an old-fashioned robber baron setting up on a public highway and demanding a toll from all who pass.

Then Ross continues :Trade deal a free kick for US software racketeers:

Software patents are bad news for Australian companies who will be forced to play an expensive legal game against people who are ruthless professionals.

They are bad news for Australian users, who will pay monopoly prices for software. And they are bad news for Australian software engineers, who will find lawyers designing their programs.

Existing copyright law is all the protection computer software needs. Anything else is a free kick for the US software patent racketeers.