Usually I don’t talk much about politics …

July 22, 2005

… especially when it is the politics of another country. Unfortunately we in Australia seem to be becoming more and more linked with the Bush administration.

So why this post? Well Doc Searls pointed to an essay he calls ‘One of the most hard-hitting articles to come out of the Left in years.’

Doc’s pull quote was :

..if you polled the entire Yale class of ’68, how many would express “uncertainty” about evolution? My guess is just one – the President of the United States.

Now the quote that struck me as a little ripper was this one :

If Bush has his way, the poor man, like serfs and slaves of yore, will have no one but God to protect him. And the religious right says God’s a Republican.

Hmm. Something to think about. Now where’s the rebuttal?

Storms and light over Sydney

July 20, 2005
originally uploaded by Matthew Hall.

During school holidays we went to the PowerHouse museum – on the way out there was a storm coming over the city as the sun was getting low in the sky. Since I really like the contrast here I snapped a quick shot with my phone’s camera.

Making sweet, sweet music down by the fireplace…

July 20, 2005

I’ve finally started experimenting with GarageBand after owning it for over a year. True to the title of this blog my efforts so far are pretty much a dog’s breakfast – a mish mash of styles and sounds.

Perhaps that should be the name of my first ‘album’? Well, if you dare to listen, you can catch my early efforts at music in MP3 format over at my dotMac site.

P.S. Yesterday’s attempt to connect my Flickr photos to this blog were, err, semi-successful. Perhaps it will work better if I have flipped the page to the current date first?

Flickr Blog Test

July 19, 2005
Flickr Blog Test

originally uploaded by Matthew Hall.

So here’s my first experiment connecting my Flickr account to this here blog thingamie.

This photo was taken on my T610 phone camera at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast of Australia. A couple of the younger dolphins were curious about the people taking their photos, so they posed quite a bit!

Posted by Matthew J. Hall on 7/19/05; 12:10:38 PM
from the dept.

Where’s my printout?

July 4, 2005

One of the myriad of cool things about using Mac OS X is that many of the printer drivers have a 3D icon of the printer. This is really useful when you’re in a variety of offices (as I find myself) … I just printed a couple of pages of FileMaker scripts I am working on and needed to find the printer – there’s at least three nearby me at the moment. A quick check of the print queue on screen gives me the picture of the printer I just used and allows me to find my printout immediately.

I realise it is a little thing. It may not even be a ‘Mac-thing’, but it did just make my life that little bit easier.