Hidden Mac gems

October 20, 2006

Here is a souped up version of Text Edit which adds page numbers, columns,
headers & footers and footnotes. Very nice of apple to provide the source for people to tinker with!

Welcome to iText Express !

Perhaps this is the word processor we’ve been looking for? I’ve tried using AbiWord but the printing was a disaster … spacing issues made the results unusable.

Rythm and melody

October 18, 2006

There’s something that has always fascinated me about rythms. That’s probably the same for most people, I suppose, but we always like to think of ourselves as individuals 🙂

For a while in my 20’s I was a bass player – those rythms are loads of fun to play with. Drumming is also something that I have wanted to try, but never seemed to ‘getaroundtuit’.

Recently I started finding out about Drum Circles, which seem very attractive (and only serve to prove that I must somehow be a californian somewhere deep inside…)

Anyhow, lo and behold! I see a flyer for a group called Taikoz, with a website taikoz.com.

Not only do I wonder how I have not heard of this group for the past seven years they seem to have been online, I wonder at the synchronicity of scheduling in our lives. The melody of our life now means we are booked into no less than three events on the weekend they are giving a free concert and workshop – less that 5 minutes from where I live.

Oh, the pain.

Stand up for your rights

October 10, 2006

Very interesting story unfolding with my longtime friend Brad over at the Entregreeneur :

Earlier today I spoke with Kathryn Love, Principal Solicitor at the Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc. She gave me some very useful advice in how to deal with the matter.

The Entregreeneur » Blog Archive » Progress report in the matter of Alliance Factoring’s false debt claim

Go for it Brad, it sounds like you have a strong position and a good strategy for dealing with these guys.

Note to everybody else : I hope we hear more about the Baycorp owned Alliance debt collection business, this looks like a very clear conflict of interests when Baycorp are the de-facto credit reporting ‘agency’ in Australia.