Geotagging your photos – how good is your map?

August 30, 2006

Steve has a good point, the maps may not be as good as we’d like. In fact using a tool that Thomas Hawk points to we can compare Google vs Yahoo for a large shopping centre I use that has been open for around 2 years. Notice the buildings? Me either, although you can see some foundations on the Google map.

However what concerns me is how do I get the geotags out of Flickr (or Zooomr etc…) Well, here’s an interestng development :

Could we get a tool that extracts the data and brings it back into iPhoto? I wonder how – I don’t think iPhoto gets the Flickr image ID when uploading does it?

Holy Business Models Batman

August 28, 2006

These guys deserve a big push for what they’ve set up – this is one of the new music business models that just might work! Take a look!

At SellaBand you browse artist’s demo songs and if you really, really like one you can buy a ‘share’ in the production of an album. Once they’ve raised $50k (presumably in USD) then the album gets profesionally produced, and you get a limited edition CD. After that, the music is available free to download.

That’s the gist of it – I may have some details wrong but the idea is right. The idea is right. Really.

Vindictive Packaging

August 15, 2006

Mark Cuban has decided to make a stand. Against those pretty-on-the-shelf but impossible-to-open-once-you-get-home plastic packages that I keep seeing around, of all things, light globes!

Seagate Leaves me bloody… – Blog Maverick –

This is Mark’s story. We should all stand up and shout – “No more of these damn plastic shells!”

FireFox 2 saves me again

August 10, 2006

Somehow I got wind of the FireFox 2 beta availability and am running it now. I cannot point you to it because I cannot find the wretched thing again – the dev team have buried the betas and nightlies very deep this time around.

I mention this because as a beta it is unstable and does crash. No problem, that is what I signed up for (having a bunch of users crashing the betas is considered to be a good thing, especially if you send the automatically generated crash reports back…)

What keeps me using it, aside from altruism, is one of the new features – resume session. You see, when FireFox crashed it had been keeping track of my open window. So when I restarted, FireFox kindly asked if I wanted to resume where I had, err, left off. Saved me a good few seconds of “what was I doing and which windows were open?” trauma. Thanks!

How big is our Schwartz?

August 10, 2006

Going to a high-pressure sales pitch this weekend for the new version of time share – ‘holiday ownership’ with the Accor Vacation Club. Time will tell if we are to be part of the 12% who sign up on the day or not. Even 20% of those back out in the cooling off period.

Of course we’re all going for the freebies – so bring it on!

The Club :

Why pay retail? :