July 23, 2004

On a different note, I’m looking once again to play with wikis – specifically the because I found an installation walkthrough for OS X at O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter. I wonder why I’m not subscribed to that site?

More Bowling Success

July 23, 2004

Had a pretty good night bowling last night – I bowled by first ever six bagger (six consecutive strikes) to finish the first game, followed by two more consecutive strikes in the second game. My previous best was three strikes in a row (a turkey.)

Damn, the blog hasn’t been updated!

July 21, 2004

Here I am, listening to a user group meeting in California. Of course, I’m in Sydney … so cool.

In fact this is a FileMaker user’s group and the webcast is dealing with upgrading solutions to FileMaker 7. If not for this webcast, we just wouldn’t get this info downunder – short of travelling to the DevCon in the USA later this year. This is just not practical for in-house or small scale developers…

Oh, and the blog update thing? I realised I’ve been haunting other blogs waiting for updates and leaving this one alone. Sorry 🙂

Australian Interest

July 7, 2004

“Welcome to the Australian Interest Website, a public forum dedicated to informed, non-partisan debate on all aspects of Australian foreign economic policy.”




Its not that hard, really.

Cassini first images in

July 1, 2004

I’m watching NASA TV live now, in my lounge room here in Australia. That is pretty cool. What makes it even better is that Cassini’s first images are coming in live now, and I’m watching a control room full of space science geeks oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the images as they’re displayed on their wall-sized monitor for the first time.